About Eostre

We are driven by complexity.

For years, Ēostre turns art into science by breeding Lily of the Valley to perfection.

We believe this elegant flower cannot only brighten the day but also bring joy, success & happiness into our lives.
A flower, that for centuries is the symbol of love and prosper, is a big part of our cultural heritage. It must be celebrated.

Ēostre is a new way of keeping traditions alive by offering luxurious gifts for each and every occasion.
From bouquets and gift boxes, to fragrances for you house.
We also keep close contact with businesses who are interested in larger quantities of our Lilies for an overall experience.

Ēostre the breath of life that brings us hope.
It’s the first light in the morning and thus a chance for happiness and improvement.
It’s the power to recreate and rebirth.

Ēostre is the goddess of Spring.
Humble and unpretentiously elegant.
Just like nature, she is abundant, fluid, refined. She brings peace, hope & light.

Ēostre is female force. Fertile and nurturing.
It’s dawn, sunrise & sunlight.
Ēostre carries a powerful message.
It’s the chance to return to happiness.

Our philosophy

Ēostre et la Joie de Vivre.

We are celebration.
Of abundance, beauty, creation.
We keep traditions alive. We communicate with no words.

Ēostre is the focus in nature and a contrast with modern life.
It’s the perfect harmony that connects all elements and creatures.
It connects us.

We are driven by complexity, challenges, outgrowth. By the beauty of art and science.
Of fertile thoughts that manifest into an experience.
We are le retour de la joie de vivre.

Ēostre Lilies & Love.